Utah Wedding Photography, Andie & Eric Formals

Andie and Eric were married at the Springville Museum of Art yesterday.  Andie was the tiniest little bride I have ever seen and looked stunning in her wedding dress.  This was the first time her fiance, Eric, saw her in the dress. 
More pictures to come of their ceremony!

Newborn Photography, Baby Christian

My friend, Amy, just had her third baby boy!  
I am dipping my toe back into the water of newborn shoots.  I have decided that I am definitely a bigger fan of this lifestyle newborn shoot.  For me, it is so much more natural trying to coax and pose the baby for hours on end.  I enjoy doing it much more, and it even seems less stressful on the mother who just delivered a baby a week prior.  Plus, I feel like it more accurately catches what a newborn is like and how mother and baby interact.  It was fun and I wouldn't mind doing more like this in the future for those who like this style. 

Wedding and Engagement Photography

This slow photography season in Utah has given me to chance to catch up on something I have been wanting to do for a while.  I have hardly posted any of my wedding work, because I can tend to be a perfectionist, and I want to present my work in the right way.  I finally threw my hands up and whipped up this slideshow with selections from about six of the weddings I have shot.  Although I still have plenty of learning to do, I am happy to see the work I have done and feeling proud of the progress I have made.

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