License to Cry

In response to my last post, I have received so many kind messages about Ryder.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my work and testimony.  I found this email in my inbox and it brought a smile to my face yesterday:

"I am just an old curmudgeon that lives in Wisconsin.

I was a teacher/school administrator for 30 years.   I now work for the coroner and drive hearse.

I have shared your article and pictures of Ryder.  Your words and pictures are worthy of publication.   Because I am a professional in the death business I don't cry.   Because of you today I had license to cry.

Thanks.   Wonderful job!    A+"

I thanked him for his message, and he followed it up with another email.  This is part of it:

"I had two death calls last night.   I was again able to keep my emotions in check.  However I look at each death scene when I get there and realized that an hour before a miracle had occurred there.  The veil had parted.

You were very blessed to take pictures of Ryder.  While you were there the veil parted directly to the celestial kingdom.  You are a celestial photographer."

Wow.  I thought his words were so touching, so I wanted to share.  Not everyone passes surrounded by family members (or a photographer), but I believe they are surrounded by spirits who love them...  And that is a miracle.

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