A Little About Josie May

I am finally putting Josie's room together, after having shelves and frames on the floor since Mason was born and she moved into her big girl room.  In each of my kids' rooms I have a large 16x20 frame to put a picture of them in.  This is the photo I chose for Josie's frame.  I took this picture in May for her 2-year-old photo shoot.

"May" is the perfect middle name for my sweetheart because of her beauty and the month she was born.  It is one of the best months in Utah because my favorite colors come into play, green in the grassy fields, blue in the skies and mountains, and white in the clouds and snowcapped peaks.  We had the name "Josie June" picked out during my whole pregnancy.  "Josie" to be named after her great-great-grandmother and "June" for the month we thought she would be born. She blessed her mama and came a little early, earning the name "Josie May"!