Springville Museum of Art Family Photography

This family wanted a change-up from outdoor photography and requested having their pictures taken in the Springville Museum of Art.  I grew up in Mapleton and went to Springville Middle, Junior, and High Schools, so I will take any chance I can get to return to Art City!

I hadn't been in the Museum for years.  I know I took a tour for an art class I took in middle school and also attended a wedding reception there once, but I was kind of blown away going there now.  It was bigger than I had remembered and the painting and sculptures were impressive!  Maybe I just appreciate it more than I did when I was 12.  It would be a nice place to take the time to walk through with more time than I had tonight.

I don't do indoor photography as much, except for wedding receptions here and there, so it was a good chance to put my flash to use.